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About Us


Unimpeachable Character
Our deepest desire is to add value to the lives of everyone we cross. When character and motives are in question, we can't accomplish that. We root our sincere approach in integrity.
Sincere Candor
Bad communication makes everything harder in life and work. Thus, we live every day with open communication. As a result, our team addresses issues proactively and collaborates more effectively.
Unending Learning
We actively strive to improve what we do every day. We will improve the spaces we create. We will improve the lives of our employees. We will improve the experience of our customers. Forever.


Joe Averill is a family man born with a talent for carpentry and construction. He started fine-tuning his skills in his dad’s workshop at the young age of 7. Since 2013, he has spent his summers working with his father who had a commercial construction business.

After leaving Saint Johns University in 2019, Joe pursued his ambition of helping people. He did this by starting his own contracting business. He believes it is his calling to help others and aims to show this to his clients through his work.

Joe and his team work hard every day to support their growing families. Their greatest reward is seeing how their client’s worry and pain are replaced with a sense of satisfaction and happiness over their new outdoor space.


Our company’s sole goal is to elevate the contracting experience for families in Minnesota. We aim to change the contracting industry one project at a time. We are a company that works for you and with you, keeping your vision and your comfort a priority.

When you work with us, expect a friendly relationship. You can feel stress-free as you watch your vision take shape. As we work at your home, we protect the area and keep a clean working environment. This way, you can be comfortable while we’re there.

Dedicated Professionals
Exceptional Craftsmanship
Reliable Communication
Innovative Designs
Value for Money
Superior Quality
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